New Zealand! Couples session with Morgan + Paul


I met Morgan in Santa Barbara, California soon after I moved there. It’s since been 3.5 years, and in that time she’s become a close friend, she met the love of her life, moved to New Zealand and now there’s a new life growing inside of her.

We used to joke about her and I traveling the world together with each other the rest of our lives, or at least until one of us meets our one true love. We talked about living on a boat, or a van, or just backpacking through South America. Well, she ended up with the man and I ended up with the van since then. I photographed their small intimate wedding underneath a gorgeous pepper tree in the hills of Santa Barbara last year and we said our “Until next time!”’s. She moved to Mount Manganui on the east coast of the north island to a cute little house with a couple chickens and a garden. Since the move, I’ve been thinking about heading out across the pacific to go see them both.

A couple of months ago, I finally bought the ticket to catch the last little bit of their summer left before the fall. So here I am and here they are.


Maternity Session


From Rachel’s graduation, to Nick proposing to her, and then photographing their wedding last spring, I’ve had the honor of being there through it all. An expected surprise announced itself in October on a road trip to Oregon and Washington and here we are. They’ve got a sweet little smol babe coming and I’m so glad I get to be here for this, too.

Here’s some of my favorites.