Client Timeline

through planning and organizing and scheduling, things can get a little crazy sometimes. TO keep me on the same page as what’s going on, I’ve created a timeline of things that I need to know and when I need to know them. There’s no pressure or emergency, unless I text you, so just take this as a guide of communication. that way when i email you for information you have it ready!


At booking:

What I’ll need:

  • Coordinator information

  • Venue Address

  • Client Address

  • Deposit for booking your

    wedding date

2 months before wedding:

  • Information on what your

    wedding will look like style wise

  • Total # of people in bridal party

  • Timeline of the wedding

  • Venue walk through (if possible)

Week of Wedding:

What I’ll need:

  • Details packet part 1 (put aside

    a box with clean save the dates,

    invites, menus, etc. to photograph

    at the wedding.

  • Any codes that I need for gates along

    with special directions to locations.

  • Wedding hashtag for insta

  • List of family photo groupings

1 month after booking:

What I’ll need:

  • A list of places for your

    engagement session

  • Outfit coordination pictures

  • Check venue to see if permits are

    needed for engagement session

    or wedding venue

1 month before wedding:

What I’ll need:

  • Final Timeline of wedding

  • List of vendors that you’ve hired

  • Post wedding client address

  • Bride + Groom phone numbers

  • Final deposit sent out

  • Drink date someplace local to catch

    up with you both!

Day of Wedding:

What I’ll need:

  • Details packet part 2 (your rings,

    ask your florist for some petals for

    decoration, other special prop items

    like grandmas earring box, etc.) Set

    the box aside for me to photograph.