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Howdy! I’m Isabella. Long time Libra, newly-appointed dog mom, and certifiable road hag. I grew up in a tiny tobacco growin’ town in central North Carolina and spent my teenage years dreaming of being…literally anywhere else. With nothin’ to lose and a world to see, I eventually decided to hit the road in search of a life that reflected the tumblr-esque collage that covered  the wall of this dreamy eyed 15-year-old. 

A decade later, I’ve explored dozens of states, a lil bit of Europe, and the sweet slice of South America that is Colombia. While I haven’t seen even a fraction of this beautiful planet, my travels have led me down a road of self discovery, allowing me to find life in my van and behind the camera, love in the friends I’ve made along the way, and a deep appreciation for the long list of ways humans show each other intimacy. 

My WHY comes from what I’ve learned on this walk. When you think of what you want your vows to encompass, where you’ll be when you share those vows, and who will be there to witness it, you should feel supported, safe, and stress-free. I advocate for elopements because I’ve experienced the overwhelming magnitude of love that comes from a day planned with only your interests and desires in mind.  

When I’m not behind the lens, you can find me cozied up with friends new and old, on the road in pursuit of the next adventure, hangin’ with my co-pilot Marlow at the nearest dog-friendly establishment, or making dinner in my van before getting back on the road.




type 7 - wing 8

Favorite color:

pea soup green

number of tattoos:

Thirty plus

Favorite trail snack:

teriyaki jerky

favorite post advenure meal:

bbq or a burger


my core values

Causing a lil elopement day ruckus - without damaging the planet.

While I live to champion couples who desire to get hitched in dreamy locations, my top priority is the preservation of this planet and the protection of the people on it. These are the values that I live – and work – by, and if that’s not something that aligns with your own priorities, we might not be the best fit for each other.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

leave no trace conscious

black lives matter

latina owned

disability adaptable

land back

Mama's lil menace &
road comrade

Mama's lil menace &
road comrade

Meet Marlow, my badass, down-for-anything dog who, despite being rescued, has done a majority of the rescuing in this relationship. When she’s not accompanying me on a hike or vigilantly watching for squirrels and rabbits from the passenger seat, she likes to make new friends wherever we stop or snooze the day away while I work. She’s an adorable menace that is still being trained to be the ultimate Leave No Trace pup to keep me company in the backcountry. Hiring me as your best-day-ever photographer directly benefits this little lady’s life of comfort, enabling me to splurge on the very best dog gear from REI. Turns out rescuing a free dog from the desert isn’t exactly free. No pressure, but she’s really getting used to the cozy life.

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Let’s gush about your plans already!

If you’ve decided that we’re destined to be partners in crime (love you, thank you) and you’re interested in learning more about my availability for your gathering, reach out to say howdy and I’ll be in touch faster than you can say lickety split.

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