Isabella Griffith

Being a native to North Carolina, I’m a little far from what I’ve spent most of my life calling home. However, I’ve been living out of Santa Barbara, CA for the past 3 years and I’ve gained a second family here that will always have my heart. This last summer, I got to finally fulfill a decade long dream. I bought a 2006 Dodge Sprinter off craigslist in Virginia and moved into it in June! Taking a road trip back to California meandering through Michigan, Colorado, and Tucson, I’ve since been traveling up and down the west coast. Plenty of ups and downs with living in a van, but hell…I’m only in my 20’s once, right?

I’ve always been an outdoors girl. I grew up playing in the red dirt of tobacco fields, spending hours in the sun and the water, and enjoying the mountains. It’s part of what drew me to photography. That, and seeing faded photos from 1970’s Colombia of my grandmother, great aunt, and a myriad of extended family, photos that I treasure and have cried over. Combining my two great loves has been a passion that I’ve been aching to pursue, year after year.

Which brings me to you. If you walk away from this site knowing how important the outdoors is, how important people are, and how exponentially incredible it is to combine people with their environments in a photograph, then I’ve done my job. Even if you never visit again or we never meet up and create something together. I will never give up on teaching the importance of documentation.

If you’re interested in chatting or seeing my work, please reach out. Let’s meet up over food, preferably good BBQ or tacos!


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Couples session in Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

Couples session in Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

Santa Barbara Engagement Session

Santa Barbara Engagement Session


Coastal Wedding in Santa Barbara

Coastal Wedding in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

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How long does it take to get my wedding photos back?

Anywhere from 6-8 weeks!


I personally do not because I believe in photographing people as they are. You're beautiful!

Do you travel for photography?

Yes, I do! I currently dwell in a 2006 Dodge Sprinter Van based in Santa Barbara, California but I’m always on the road traveling around to one place or another. I’m also up for traveling beyond the payment, into the air, and across the sea! So don’t let distance stop ya from contacting me, I’m always down for another adventure.

HOw do i book you?

To reserve the date for your wedding, half of total amount is due when you sign the contract with the other half due 30 days before the wedding.

What are raw photos?

Contrary to popular belief, RAW photos aren't just unedited photos. They're actually very large files that can't be opened unless you have expensive software. I've never given out RAW photographs to any of my clients. Any and all photographs I take are owned by me solely unless otherwise agreed upon. That being said, I also never deliver any images that are unedited to my clients. My work reflects who I am as a person and hopefully that's why you're hiring me! It's like asking a cake company to just give you the ingredients for the cake. Just doesn't make sense ;)

Do I print the photos or do you do them?

You're free to download the photos from the gallery (no quality is lost when you download them) and print them wherever you would like. You can also order prints straight from the gallery link or email me for higher quality print options.

Can My family member bring their camera?

During the ceremony, I encourage my couples to tell everyone to sit and enjoy the wedding so you’re not walking down the aisle looking at 17 iPhones and 3 DSLRs and 2 iPads. Any other time, as long as they’re not obstructing me or inhibiting me from doing my job, please do!

Is it true that eating bbq makes you the happiest girl in the whole world?


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